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But like you, there are 20 other aspirants appearing 
for the same job. So what is that extra thing in you 
which will get you selected? 
Personal interview is like selling yourself – what is 
your Unique Selling Proposition? 
o you are a fresher who 
applied for a job and have 
been finally called for an 
interview? That’s great news! 
Mother, I am ready 
for my interview 
and I am leaving, 
wish me luck
I can do it! I can do 
With all the hard work Radhika had put in building her resume, now was the time to finally 
perform live, as she was called for an interview. The bright sunny day started well
She knew she 
had to look the best so she picked up a white shirt and a black skirt from her wardrobe, made a 
clean ponytail and, to finish the perfect look, she grabbed her formal black office shoes .
               Be professional. Prefer formals . Look neat and smart. Reach 10 minutes before the interview.  Have 
a positive attitude – just as you need a good job, the interviewer also needs good candidates.
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Tip 1:
Let’s prepare, let’s prepare! I 
must go very well-prepared for 
this interview, so I know I will 
be selected.
What if I do not fulfill the wishes 
of my mother? She expects so 
much from me. What if I fail 
                Even before the interview, spend some time alone and prepare well. Know about –
The industry 
– who are the players, what is happening, where does this company fit in?
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The company 
– main products and services, website, reputation, employees, revenues/profits.
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The position 
– what is the role profile, what skill sets are they looking for, salary, location etc.
Your self 
– how will you prove you are the best person for this role? 
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Tip 2:
Why should we 
hire you, 
Radhika was anticipating likely questions and very 
smartly answered all the questions she framed.
                 An interview is a matching game –
We must first understand what skill sets the company is looking for (e.g. for a finance career, it may be 
excel modeling skills).
Then we must carefully think what ‘projects, experiences or achievements’ will convince the interviewer 
that indeed we have those skills (e.g. our financial analysis on a product launch won the first price). 
Finally, we need to plan how to speak about
 those  experiences. Whether directly asked or not, these 
must be communicated to the interviewer, because we know this will impress him. 
See  more examples
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Radhika, what do 
you know about 
the company?
Tell me about 
this experience 
mentioned in 
your resume?
What do you 
know about the 
job profile?
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interview  questions 
She started reviewing her resume; she reviewed her skills, experiences and achievements.  Resume 
plays an important role during an interview. It gives questions to the interviewer and an opportunity 
to you to discuss your strong points. Make your resume the basis of discussion during the interview .
Tip 3:
Interview is to sell yourself. An open ended question like this provides you the opportunity to 
showcase yourself in a manner that highlights what exactly the company would be looking for. 
So, option c) works best. Option b) is also partly right, but if you are making any statement (e.g. 
“I am goal oriented”), it should be backed by a supporting logic. Otherwise anyone can say that 
he/she is goal oriented. Why should the interviewer believe you?
  Q.  How should you answer the question, “Tell me something about yourself?”
Q.  During the interview, your interviewer asks you how much salary do you expect? You will
One has to answer the salary question very cautiously. For fresher jobs, most large organizations 
already have a defined salary, and they really cannot offer a package very different from the 
existing plan. The goal of this question then is to check whether your expectations are really in 
line with what the company can offer. So, we must do our research on what the company has 
been offering and quote a number close to that. Avoid the mistake of demanding a salary based 
on your personal situation. Why should your personal need concern the hiring company? You will 
get what the market thinks you deserve, so focus on trying to convince others why you deserve a 
good role. Deserve before you desire!